Marjuan has crafted arts and media focused workshops to enhance creativity, community and critical engagement in youth and in professional environments. See her offerings below.

Creative Inc.

AGE: Professionals / Corporate Clients

Creative Inc. is founded on the belief that arts-based playfulness and creative engagement trigger a culture of community, equity and innovation in the workplace. Our workshop uses theatre tools to bring a sense of inclusion, humanity and respect into the workplace through improved communication.

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Miss Media: (Girls Media Literacy)

AGE: Middle School-College

Miss Media is a media literacy workshop that educates, empowers and supports young women (7th grade-8th grade, high school and college women) to develop creative and critical skills in the media arts. Young women will increase their awareness of the power of the media and the effects of media messages on girls by critically examining the media that surrounds them.  Through this awareness, young women will become change agents in their own community by creating their own media that reflects their lives. Miss Media encourages young women to become content creators through arts activism, entrepreneurship, community engagement and critical media analysis.

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Callaloo in the Classroom (Cultural Literacy / Arts Education)

AGE: pre-school-highschool

Callaloo in the Classroom is a unique arts and culture educational experience for children. Classes range from visual arts, theatre, world folklore, music, dance and food and wellness. Our classes ignite children’s imaginations and their understanding of the diverse world around them. Led by professional artists and educators, we provide an opportunity for all children to engage and explore in cultural creativity and collaborative learning while increasing their cultural literacy skills. Classes are available individually or as a curriculum series.

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