Have you ever met someone you’re certain will be famous? I can’t help thinking, this girl’s gonna be huge!

Donna Britt

The Washington Post

She’s basically the female Jordan Peele.

Jacqueline Lara

Vice, I-D

Canady is trailblazing a movement for Black storytellers to produce narratives for our people, especially for our children.

Cynthia Dorsey

Madame Noire

Birthed by Canady, Callaloo, is a fun and educational series that promotes cultural literacy for kids. Pure genius.


In Marjuan I found a very knowledgeable and thoughtful mentor who, while providing clear guidance and volumes of empowering information, also listened and nurtured my confidence in my own instincts. The result was an energizing, creative collaboration between equal partners, and a beautiful book of poetry which I couldn’t be more proud.

Dr. Deidra Roach

Author, I AM

Marjuan is a social entrepreneur committed to empowering the global black community.

Black Enterprise

Watch out for this incredible performer!

Paul Mooney

Comedian / Actor

Marjuan facilitated a theater improv workshop for our staff to explore their creativity. The results were outstanding!”

Christopher Reed

The Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy






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